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The pond I swim in is still rather small, but I’ve got real estate here, I am confident this is my life’s purpose and I am on a mission to help others.

~Kristy Mox

So you want to change your life, but where do you begin? How do you pick a Life Coach? There are a million self-proclaimed “Life Coaches” crawling out of the woodwork these days, but I’m not here to talk about them. The pond I swim in is still rather small, but I’ve got real estate here, I am confident this is my life’s purpose and I am on a mission to help others.

Even more odd to me than all the life coaches out there are the life coaching courses and certifications becoming available. When I embarked upon my journey to become a coach, certifications were slim to none. There was only one coach I wanted to learn from, and that is Tony Robbins! He doesn’t even refer to himself as a “Life Coach” either. But there is no doubt he is a master at this craft.

I knew that the first time I saw him speak and that is precisely where I went for my certification. Technically speaking I am a certified Strategic Interventionist, among a number of other certifications. Pretty fitting start since I later went on to become a Certified (Substance Abuse) Peer Support Specialist.

I will share with you how and why I became a life coach.

I can’t speak for the masses, only for myself—of my own education and experience. For me, the calling began when I was 12, but I was so far from being ready to help anyone. The first book I ever purchased from a book store was about codependency. It was a new phrase back then. I was certainly onto something, but I had a lot more pain and adversity to experience, walk through and conquer.

I’ve always had jobs working with people who bared their souls with me. As a hairstylist, aesthetician, make-up artist, personal trainer, nutrition coach, wellness coach, and peer support specialist. Throughout the years I had been a confidant to all my clients. It has been an honor to listen to stories some have never shared with anyone before me. I am in awe of the courage it takes to share such things and I will take those stories to the grave!

I was done listening without helping on a deeper level.

The day I decided to begin studying life coaching, I was working as a personal trainer. I had been working with a client whose story was so moving, I couldn’t listen anymore without helping on a deeper level. I just could not bring myself to count another rep without doing something to help her get unstuck. Her issue was out of my scope of practice, so I decided to expand my scope of practice! I hugged her, gave her a referral, went home and registered for my coaching certification. At the time I was going through a divorce—I was painfully exhausted and broke. I was determined though! I invested every cent I had, and every ounce of energy, and focus I could muster whilst raising 2 kids solo and rebuilding my life.

It’s amazing how much more energy and motivation have when we are deeply passionate about something and in alignment with what we are being called to do.

Today I am blessed to be able to share my knowledge, wisdom, experience, strength, and hope to help others reach higher ground. Few things bring me more joy than helping others find their way. For me, coaching is not about helping the masses. Coaching is about helping one person at a time. We all deserve someone to lift us up and give us their undivided attention.

If you feel like you are drifting and merely existing, and you are ready to grow and thrive, click here for a free coaching session. I would love the opportunity to connect with you and learn how I can help you actualize and achieve all your goals!

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