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Recovery and Weight Gain

So you quit drinking. HUGE props! Since you have stopped throwing back all those empty liquid calories, you SHOULD be shedding that beer belly and wine weight you packed on during the end of your drinking career, right?

After all, you are supposed to look and feel much better after you stop dumping toxins into your body on a regular basis. Right?!?!

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Well, I ASSumed so, but sadly, that was not the case. Not for me anyway. What did happen for me was a raging case of acne, debilitating periods, massive mood swings, a foggy brain, and a very rapidly expanding waistline. It was as if I was going through puberty all over again…only 10 times worse and 25 years late. My newfound addiction had become milk and cookies, and when I was really agitated, edgy and slightly homicidal, I would resort to spoonsful of cake icing to pull me through.

That last gem was a suggestion from an AA sponsor. While it did the trick for a fleeting moment, as my waistband began to morph into a tourniquet, I was left with a new resentment and new level of shame, remorse, and discontentment—as if a newly sober addict doesn’t have enough of that to work through.

There are a myriad of reasons for my experience in early sobriety, of which I had no understanding of at the time. Having been in recovery for a few 24 hours now, and having had the honor of helping others find their way in recovery; I discovered, my experience was not unique. In fact, the majority of the women I have known in recovery have struggled a great deal with food; in the past and often, even more in recovery.

It’s no surprise, as many women in recovery have struggled with a number varying eating disorders. An addiction is an addiction; regardless of what form it comes in. The obsessive and compulsive cycle of food addiction and an eating disorder is quite similar to alcoholism. Additionally, the way the body metabolizes alcohol fuels our brains with a massive dose of dopamine and a nice spike in blood sugar with every drink—very much like my milk and cookies, and cake icing benders did for me in early sobriety.

It is worth noting; this phenomenon is not exclusive to women. Men are just as capable of falling madly in love with Ben and Jerry or head over heels for Little Debbie.

The remarkable thing about recovery is this; the same tools you use to get sober can also be applied to overcoming your issues with food and body image as well as many other areas of your life.

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That being said, our relationship with food is complicated, personal, and often ingrained in us from childhood. While the solution to getting off the rollercoaster of food cravings and fluctuating weight isn’t rocket science, there is some science behind doing it correctly. To be successful, it typically requires a great deal of support, accountability, and guidance. This is where coaching comes in to play. Most of us have exhausted all efforts before we reach out for help, but if you came here before reaching a point of desperation, commend yourself for the courage and humility that takes—It requires far more courage to ask for help than it does to plow through one failed attempt after another.

Fat, happy and sober is certainly better than addicted, crotchety and cantankerous, but there is another way. A better way! Recovery is about wellness, wellbeing, and liberation.

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Life Coaching

Letting Go

We cannot move onto greater things when we continue to hold on to what no longer serves us.

People, possessions, behaviors, beliefs, attachments, ideas… All the things that once served an important purpose in our lives become the very things that hold us back when we refuse to let them go.

There cannot be a new beginning without an end. When we let go completely, we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities.

Life Coaching

Fitness Coaching

Let’s be honest here… being ripped is kind of badass, it feels amazing, and it is a massive boost to one’s confidence. I know, I’ve been slightly ripped before.


However, it is a lifestyle that not everyone participates in so unless you surround yourself with like-minded humans leading parallel lifestyles, your newfound badassness will likely fall by the wayside. Not everyone can stick to their guns for the sake of their guns and unless you are genetically blessed, you need to completely change your life in order to sustain a ripped physique.


First and foremost it is imperative to clarify the following; “Fit” is not an adjective—”Fit” is a verb

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How you look is not an indication of how fit you are and how “fit” you are is pretty subjective.

It’s highly unlikely that a 300lb Strongman would be able to run a 5-minute mile, nor will a 160lb Ironman be able to pull a 900lb deadlift. Both of said athletes eat in very different ways—neither of which are conducive to weight-loss or translate as “healthy” for most normal(ish) folk. They eat to fuel their bodies in order to perform better at very specific sports. blur bicycle speed bicyclist

If your life looks more like desk surfing, baby (or fur-baby) chasing, and domestic duties, you likely don’t have a need to train or eat the way most athletes do.

What most people need is much more simple (not to be confused with easy) and way less sexy than what we are accustomed to seeing on YouTube, TV, blog posts, Facebook, Instagram, and a million other force-fed advertisements. When you shift your focus from flashy, badass and “sexy” to health, wellness, self-preservation, and balance, you arrive at something way more sustainable and realistic. Self-preservation is a different kind of badass—it’s less about aesthetics and ego and more about being humble, happy and healthy.

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Life Coaching

Bloom Where You Are!

Many of us go through life with the mindset of “when I achieve this, everything will be ok” or “when I have this, I will be happy”…” when I lose 20lbs I will feel good”.

The fact of the matter is, sometimes life and its circumstances can be pretty lackluster. We spent a lot of time in the mud, and that’s how it goes. But regardless of one’s circumstances, it is possible to grow, shine and even THRIVE in the midst of the most unfavorable situations.

It’s all about your perspective! If you are stuck in the mud, it’s time to rise up and bloom!

Life Coaching


Accountability is the key to Success of any kind!


So often we embark upon a new journey wholeheartedly…in the beginning. Then life happens, and just like muscle memory, we revert to old coping strategies and fall right back into all the self-defeating behaviors we were trying to break free from in the first place.

First, you miss an appointment because “you’re too busy” or “something’s come up. Then you begin mentally composing a list of reasons why this just isn’t a good time to invest the time and finances into self-improvement. Before you know it, that inner dialog gets the best of you and another year or two passes again before you are inspired or motivated to change.

With enough half-attempts under one’s belt with no successful outcomes or achievements, we can go our entire lives feeling stuck. Decades pass us by, and somehow we simply forget what it is we even want in life.

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It’s easy to go through the motions and skip through life merely existing.

Isn’t it time to commit to living life to the fullest?!

The best way to hold yourself accountable is to begin eliminating excuses and make the commitment straight out of the gate. Change is hard, and right before the magic happens, it usually gets harder. Coaching packages help you commit before the bumps in the road begin to discourage you—so you are more motivated to stay on course, reach higher ground and grow in ways you never imagined were possible.

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You are SO Very Worthy!