Career Coaching

5 Reasons You Need Career Coaching

1. You Feel Stuck

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”   ~Albert Einstein

Technically that is not the definition of insanity, and I’m not convinced Albert Einstein really coined that phrase. However, it is a damn good phrase.

If you feel stagnant, unfulfilled, under appreciated and overqualified at the job you currently work, chances are you could use career coaching to help you get unstuck.

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If you absolutely dread Mondays and you literally count the minutes until it’s time to clock out, you definitely need a career coach! Very few humans spend 40 hours each week doing anything consistently other than working, so it’s imperative you have a career that you don’t detest or that sucks the life-force out of you.

If any of the above describes your current work situation and you are unsure about how to get unstuck, stop right this second and drop me a line!

The career coaching process ranges from determining what your strengths and passions are to strategizing, setting goals, and taking action towards scoring a career that you can be excited about. Allowing yourself to stay stuck for too long can be damaging to your mental and physical health, so you owe it to yourself to take the next step towards making a change!

2. You’re Ready for a Major Career Change

Making any sort of job transition can be challenging at best. Making a significant career change can be terrifying!Rather than flying by the seat of your pants through a major transition, enlist the help of a coach to help you walk through your fears, keep you grounded, evaluate how realistic the move may be, and then strategize to make it happen. Fear and uncertainty can be paralyzing. Why go at it alone when you can work with someone to walk you through this journey every step of the way?

3. 1 Million Resume Submissions Produced Zero Responses

Resumes are tricky. The key is to keep it simple, but simple is NOT easy. Back in the day, all you needed was some bullet points, proper grammar, the perfect linen paper, and a commanding presence to hand deliver a resume to a potential employer.

Today there are websites, databases, APS software, algorithms, keywords, talent acquisition specialists, and a million other candidates to contend with. Your resume needs to be on point to even make its way to a human.
It is crucial to work with someone who has a good understanding of the recruitment process, can help you understand and navigate through it.

4. You Suck at Interviews

If you’re making it to the point at which potential employers are inviting you in for interviews, huge congrats. This is a huge accomplishment, considering how cutthroat the competition is for a lot of positions.

If you’re someone who goes all deer-in-the-headlights the minute you set foot in an HR department, you need career coaching! You need a pro to help you with this process from start to finish. From attire and body language to interview questions and cadence. No one wants to make it this far only to find a dead end.

5. Networking Makes You Cringe

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Networking comes naturally to some but is a challenge for most. Don’t let that be what keeps you from landing the job of your dreams!

With so much competition these days, networking is invaluable! It’s all about knowing the right people. Learn how to cultivate new relationships with people who work at the companies you want to work for. If a hiring manager has to choose between sifting through a database of strangers or checking out a resume from a candidate referred by a respected employee, the referral will win every time!

Coach This Life Career Coaching Package

If you are ready to take the next step towards landing a career that gets you excited, let’s connect! Invest in yourself and your future by committing to a 3-month coaching package which includes strengths finding sessions, resume assistance, interview coaching, and guidance with digital marketing and networking.