Warriors of Redemption

Throughout my years, I have been truly honored to hear the stories of women who have overcome incomprehensible adversity. Not only have I listened to these stories, but I have witnessed them, lived my own and walked with others as they found their way out.

These are stories of abuse, abandonment, abduction, violence, assault, and addiction. These are stories that are not meant to be read by the faint of heart.

The story of a recovering survivor is one of the most healing and powerful tools I have known. Unfortunately, there is so much shame and fear surrounding these stories. Most warriors walk their whole lives alone in silence.

It is not safe to share these stories openly as a survivor often walks and sometimes sleep beside the very person who has victimized them. Because of this, the victims who desperately need to hear these empowering stories of survival only hear them after they have embarked upon their own path in recovery.

I have a vision to give a voice to those who have healed in silence!

I want to create a safe space to share the stories of those whose lives have been touched by similar experiences.

To inspire healing and ignite hope in all who are still suffering and to create a place where my fellow warriors can be unsilenced!

With this vision, I am creating a platform in the form of a website—Warriors of Redemption. While my vision is far more vast than a website, this is a small step towards a very big dream to help as many fellow warriors as I possibly can.

I have kicked around ideas like this for 30 years and recoiled as these issues are so sensitive and triggering to openly discuss. While it is easier to hope someone else will take the lead on a project like this, I keep being pulled to this purpose. In doing this I will likely be judged and scrutinized by others, and I may be putting myself in danger, However, if I can help one person and play a small part in breaking the cycle I will deem this a success .

It is imperative these stories be shared anonymously to protect the lives of those who live them and their loved ones. If you have an empowering story you would like to share, or you would like to contribute in some way to this vision, please submit them to warrior@coachthislife.com. Again, I cannot express how important it is to remain anonymous as I do not want to endanger safety or wellbeing of anyone involved in this project.

If you submit a story, please know, names will be changed or removed and details may be modified to protect the safety and anonymity all parties involved.

If I have any editors out there who may want to volunteer their time and skills for this project, please contact me.